Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Canada with Yuval

As I have already posted this summer RV trip is going to be a special one,our eldest grand daughter Yuval that just turned to be 12 years old asked us if she can join us for a month traveling with our trailer.
It was certainly a pleasant surprise for us knowing that today's kids prefer hanging out with their friends rather with their grandparents.
So after discussing and getting the blessing from Yuval's parents and her brothers we started to get used to the idea.
As I was getting the tickets ready I asked Yuval again if she is sure about being away for whole month ,she looked at me and said "grandpa,one whole month not less" , well after this there is nothing to say but get ahead with the plan and ticket reservations.
The general plan is to travel with Yuval in beautiful Ontario visiting some kids attractions as water parks,pioneer villages,amusement park and RVing in Bruce Peninsula ,hiking,sailing among the Islands,visiting waterfalls and other attractions.
For her to experiance the RV life will be a new thing and as I know her she will love it.
She is a good team player,like to help around and likes cooking.
So saying all this I must be blessed to have 2 beautiful ladies with me on the RV trip-That is called LIFE.....

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