Our Rig

Our Rig

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ontario with Yuval 2010-Part 2

After spending almost a month Rving with Yuval I must say that it was an outstanding experiance,we knew it will be a pleasure but could not forecast her interest/attitude after being away from home and family for so long-She was FANTASTIC.
Yuval was involved in all the activity's around the trailer and the cooking,she enjoyed hiking,swimming and experiencing new environment, we have never felt that she is "down" or homesick.
To my friends I warmly recommend to travel with your grand kids for short period and share some quality time with them,it is something that we enjoyed and plan to do with the other grand kids when time will come.
We saw Yuval grow in front of our eyes in one month,she is clever curious and a great group player.
Here are some more pictures from our trip.

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