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Thursday, November 18, 2010

2011 RV Summer trip Plan

2011 RV trip-Plan
Being foreign residents we RV in summers for 4-5 months in North America and spend winters at home with family and friends.

My wife and I are doing this since 2002, each summer we visit new States/Provinces storing the rig at the end of each trip and picking it up in the following spring, never retracing, next year will be the 10th RV trip….hard to believe.

What started as a long lasting dream many years ago became reality –and there is nothing like living the DREAM.

It did not come easy as it sounds lot of adjusting had be done especially mentally and financially but here we are after 9 fantastic RV summer trips and hopefully many still to come.

If you like to see some of the adventure please go to our website http://danyshula.blogspot.com/ it is always updated as we go.

We ended our 2010 (Bruce Peninsula Ontario/Pennsylvania/Maryland/Virginia/Ontario) trip in Toronto and the rig is stored for the winter just an hour North of the city, so our 2011 trip starts from there.

We just came back from the trip a month ago brought the house and the garden back to normal and I am on the net planning our 2011 summer trip, I must admit that I enjoy this part quite a bit.

We love nature, hiking, scenic drives, special events, music and meeting people, so the plan is around these issues, I Google, ask for brochures, post on the forum and get advice from people that have done these routes.

Usually we pick a central location campground and do day side trips with the truck till we feel that we covered the area before moving on, the end of the trip has to be a winter storage place next to an International A/P.

Our 2011 trip will start in June:

* Toronto area to Sue St Marie either by ferry or by land, Boarder crossing to Michigan.

* Exploring North Michigan.

*West Michigan coast.

*Crossroads RV manufacturer Indiana.

*Lexington area KE.

*Land between the Lakes KE.

*Memphis area TN

*Nashville area TN

*Chattanooga Area TN

*Smoky Mountains area.

*October -end of the trip in Charlotte NC just to continue from there in 2012 to the Carolinas.

I will be thankful for any suggestions regarding the route, MUST SEE places or any other relevant remarks.

Many Happy Trails, May it last and last …….


Barry and Linda said...

We have been campin' in the 'Smokies' since 1975 with the family. I remember the first trip with a pop-up, we were brand new to camping and the kids hold it in their fondest memories.
We visited & liked it so much that we bought a home there 25 years ago.
Any who, I can think of lots & lots to see. There is so much to see just on 'Day Trips' you couls stay busy fer' a month or more easily. I put together some things and email ya'

Wayne and Maureen said...

Nice travel plan...you will see some great mountain views in the carolinas.
Be safe and enjoy the trip

Anonymous said...

Looks like a GREAT 2011 trip!
We did a portion of your southern trip this past year so I can give you a few tips there:

1/ Nashville - we stayed at COE campground (Seven Points). It was nice & can recommend it. Don't miss a visit to the Country Music Hall Of Fame...and if you're in the mood for ribs drop by Jacks

2/ Smoky Mountians - you're going at just the right time and should be able to see the color change. If you like "natural" settings I can recommend some of the National Forest campgrounds there. We stayed at Rock Creek in Erwin and Lake Powhatan near Asheville. Both were really relaxing.

Can't wait to hear more about the trip on your blog!

Nina (wheelingit)

Lee Padgett said...

Danny we live in Indiana and we've traveled and camped in Michigan over the years. You might like to check out Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on Lake Superior. It may be a little farther west on the Michigan Peninsula. US 31 is a very senic drive south along Lake Michigan. You'll be crossing the Mackinac Bridge To Mackinaw CityYou'll find US 31 Just south of the city. Must see places along 31 are The light houses If you like tha. Get a Michigan Tour map and they will all be indicated on it. There is probably 20 or more along the coast. Holland Michigan for the Tulip Festibale, Saugatuck is a quaint Little Lake Michigan Fishing village. While there be sure to check out Millionaires Row along the docks, where all the million dollar yatchs are docked. US 31 will take you to South Bend Indiana then take US 20 To Elkart Indiana, The RV capital Of the world. Well it use to be anyway. They have lost a number of RV Manufacturers this last tow years, maybe half. Either moved out or went completely out of business. You must see the RV Museum while in Elkart. If you Go back to Us 31 it will take you right down through the middle of the state Right through Kokomo indiana. close to where we live. To Indianapolis. Or you canGo over to Ft. Wayne and take I-69 down to Indy. Potato Creek State park is a nice place to camp just west off of US 31 just south of South Bend. Pokagon Sate park just north of US 20 and just off of I-69 has a nice campground also. We usualy camp in south-western Indiana Near Washington IN at Glendale Fish & Wildlife Area, Glendale IN. Down near Vincennes IN about 20 miles east. It is a great place to fish and camp. Indiana has lot of things to see and a lot of smalltown festibales to see. The Covered bridge festible in Park County is a great way to see a lot of indiana's covered bridges I'd suggest you pick up an Indiana Tour and Festible guide book. These books will tell you when and where these places and festibles are. You might want to take in Santa Claus Indiana too. Send some post cards from there to your freinds. There are many state parks that have nice campgrounds in Indiana and manythings I could suggest you go see but that should be up to you to pick from. Potoka Lake in Hoosier National Forest has a nice campgrounds and there is lots to see around that area in sothern Indiana.
Hope you have a great summer of 2011.
Judy & Lee Greentown IN

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Barry,Linda,Wayne,Maureen,Nina,Judy and Lee-Thank you all for your input it sure helps me to make the right changes.
Happy New Year to you all