Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crispy December day in Old Tel-Aviv.

We live in Israel and  RV every summer for 4-5 months since 2002 ,each trip to different States/Provinces, winters (that are very milled)  we spend at home with family and friends.

So as you can see we are now at home while the RIG  is stored in Ontario waiting for us to pick it up in the spring.

I have posted our next RV plan on the blog and will be happy if you can send you remarks/suggestions on it.

Yesterday I read some of your blogs and found myself missing the the travels and the RV life although we just got back from a 4 months trip in November,so we decided to take advantage of the great weather today and drove to the OLD part of Tel-Aviv .

The city is going through a lot of changes,the old section is getting an uplift while around it skyscrapers are blocking the sun and changing the atmosphere for the worst,doesn’t it happen everywhere?

We parked the car in a central location and wondered around by foot trying to go through old alleys,markets and old fashion restaurants.

I wish I could bring you the smells and the sounds of the market and the restaurants,but till this high-tech will kick in you will have do with the pictures as they here (try to imagine…).

As you can see it is impossible to escape the Modern buildings,they are everywhere,one person that lives still in one of the small old houses told us that the skyscraper built next to him blocks the sun completely and he can not even use the solar panels to heat the water…

The alleys and the small renovated houses that kept the “old flavour” are  very nostalgic and inviting,just strolling down the alley,stopping at a coffee shop for a drink or an Ice-cream is very enjoyable,you can find old book shops,second hand stuff,old praying places from all religious and PEOPLE speaking different languages .

The next stop was the market that has it all,fruits,vegetables,flowers,food stands, a lot of GREAT smells and colors.

Then we hit our favourite small restaurant that specializes  in meat soups that are prepared on small flame above an old small stove for hours ,the smell and the taste is just fantastic,the owner goes around and adds soup to your plate (not the meat) whenever she sees the level is reaching the bottom of the soup plate…so you will never leave hungry.

The soups come with a special pita that is usually dipped into mixture made from herbs,lemon and garlic,so after that you need a good glass of herb tea to “clean” the air.

I hope you enjoyed traveling with us in the OLD town although you must leave your RV behind…(But I envy you that can do it year round..)

Till we will be back on the road again…


John and Carol said...

We have never been to Israel and will probably not be there in the future. Thank you for giving us a small glimpse of your country. We will keep checking on where you go.

witchywoman said...

I happened across your blog today on the RV There Yet facebook page and I must say, very fascinating! I live in a 21-foot 5th wheel full-time in Washington and I also write a blog about RV life http://lifeinanarv.blogspot.com and would love it if you would visit my blog! Take care!!