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Our Rig

Monday, February 25, 2013

Day trip to Iris Reserve in Netanya


Yesterday we celebrated PURIM a Jewish festival celebration that is based upon the biblical Book of Esther, which recounts the story of Queen Esther and how she saved the Jewish people from annihilation in that day we all dress up as something/some one else.of our grandkids stayed the night with us ( an usual procedure when there is no school on the next day (Purim….and we love it),as it was a beautiful day we decided to visit the Iris Reserve area not far from us to see the bloom of this rare flower .

Iris Park in Netanya, better known as "Iris Reservation" is a unique natural pearl between the neighborhoods of the city - hundreds of acres of sand where the largest concentration grows in Israel's beautiful purple iris . Engagement of the rare bloom here between mid-January and mid - late February, but the area has rash seasonal another, including broom desert, hawthorn beach, ephedra is and plants - squill is and lily of the beach at the end of the summer, no of Tel Aviv,anemone , LED Asia , lupine Land - Israel, Elkan colors, Sumrr Boissier, Marcia and other beautiful winter and spring, and more.

After 3 hours walking in this gem it was time to eat and then cool off at our “country club”.

What a great day ,I am so glad that we are still in “shape” to be able to share times like this with the next generation.

When our eldest grand daughter was 12 years old (Batmizva) we asked her what she wants for her Birthday “to travel with you in your trailer for a month “ she replied to our biggest surprise, and at that moment a tradition started-each grand son/daughter that reaches 12(girls) and 13(boys) joins us Rving for a month (if she/he wants)…so this coming year Paz our number 2 grand son is joining us (you can see him with his younger sister in the pictures above).

Now it is our problem to be in shape till our youngest grandson hits 13-what a challenge…..hope it works.

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rmuhoho said...

That seems like it was one of the best day trips in Netanya. Love the pics.

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