Our Rig

Our Rig

Thursday, March 21, 2013

2 days hiking in the North part of the country

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One of the best seasons to travel in Israel is at spring and spring is defiantly here,it is all green and blooming after the rainy days,the weather is just right for hiking .

We joined our hiking group and hiked 2 days in the North part of Israel called Galil .

On the first day we hiked  Nahal Kesiv  starting at 0930 till 1730 covering beautiful grounds and crossing the streams till the last look out towards an ancient Castle named Monfort Crusade Castel http://www.biblewalks.com/Sites/Montfort.html

                                   Keziv Stream Natural Reserve

Snake Eagle                     Us on a breakPath view                     P1060432

Crossing a stream                     Crossing a stream

Monfort Ruins                      Music at the view point

Monfort Ruins

Then we spent the night at the Youth Hostel,having dinner and in the next morning a huge Israeli breakfast.

Younth Hostel -Shlomi                          Younth Hostel -Shlomi

And in the next day we hiked fro 0800 till 1700 Nahal Amud ending the hike next to the Kinneret Lake

Amud Stream Nature Reserve

We all got up early for the breakfast and warmed up before starting our second long day with a cooler weather but still good and crispy.

Some were a little sore and tired after the hike and the dance before hitting the sack but after a mile or 2 it was alright.

Shula on a break                           Ancient bridge

Ancient bridge                           Fig leaves and spiderwebs

A beatle on a flower                          Waterfall 

Colomb at the end of the Amud trak                         Colomb at the end of the Amud trak

View of Amud Valley

These were two beautiful full days of hiking in the most beautiful nature surroundings,the colors and the smells were perfect,the weather was great and so was the company.

The rest of the pictures can be watched by clicking on this link


Till we meet again.

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Randy and Pam Warner said...

Beautiful pictures! Enjoyed the account of your hiking. I never knew there were parks and hiking trails in Israel. Thanks for sharing.