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Friday, April 26, 2013

Trip to Croatia and Slovenia

April is a perfect month to visit these two small countries that were a part of former Yugoslavia.

Small ancient villages,castles,mountains with snow tips,lakes and places that look like the time has stopped  and the modernization that skipped these very clean places will greet you with welcome as you bring your $.

Slovenia uses Euro and the prices are like in Europe (high) but Croatia is still on KUNA (the local currency ) and is cheaper.

Map picture

Croatia has a long and beautiful coast with hundreds of Islands that make the place perfect for holidays ,if we add good weather and great inviting people it is sure one of the European attractions –But not in the high season as it gets very crowded.

Beautiful nature can be easily found in North America but ancient villages,history,local food,narrow streets that some times force you to fold the cars mirrors to prevent from hitting a houses from both sides are only found in Europe and especially in the old villages.

It is a paradise for History lovers ,people who like the ancient atmosphere and experiencing “NEW” adventures.

P1060533   P1060506

P1060614    P1060587

P1060578     P1060602

P1060597     P1060568

It was a short trip and I believe that we will be back and stay enough in one place to “feel” it rather than be just a tourist.

We had to cut it short as we will be beginning our 12th RV summer trip in June-see you down the road.


Campobellosightseeing.blogspot.com said...

Europe has its own flair, no doubt. The southern countries, which I have never visited are quite different from northern Europe though. Like you said so well seing those small villages is like stepping back in time. Great pictures, Danny!
We will be here on Campobello all summer working with visitors.

Jim and Sandie said...

I had trouble comprehending the history in the eastern US because it was so much older than MT. Europe must be incredible. That waterfall picture just made my day. And the countdown is on for you guys to head this way - yay!

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Thank you Jim and Sandie,
We will be heading "your way" very soon.
Best regards

John and Carol said...

Wow, great pictures. Looks like a fascinating area to visit.
Travel safe as you come to the US and have a wonderful summer.

Contessa said...

What beautiful areas to visit. The world is full of such great places and we are all lucky to have the choice to visit them.

R&R Chapter III said...

Hi, It looks supper. count me in for the next visit. have a great one in he USA 12th season. who knows! look in you back mirror. You never know what you might see.
have fun & enjoy.

the Levys