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Our Rig

Thursday, May 16, 2013


In our faith when a boy reaches 13 (Barmizva) and a girl 12 (Batmizva) they become responsible for their actions as they are transferred from childhood to adults,it is an emotional and  special event in the kids life.

When our eldest Granddaughter turned 12 we asked her what would she want for her Batmizva ,we assumed she would ask for a laptop  a tablet or an advanced cell phone that does everything including scrambled eggs… but surprisingly she said “I want to join you for a month on your summer RV trip” …..Wow we were happy and touched  that she would like to be with Grandpa and Grandma for a whole month away from friends and family.

So to make the long story short we had a great RV trip in Ontario covering Niagara area and Bruce Peninsula ,it can be seen HERE.

Only Grandparents that traveled with their grandkids can really understand the fantastic experience we all had,the month pasted like a fast tornado and with mixed feelings (she missed the family but loved the trip) we put her on a direct flight back home .

From her return all our 5 grandkids are looking forward for the TRIP and can not stop talking about it what means that we did GOOD.

Now we are celebrating her brother’s Barmizva and as his sister he will be joining us for a month starting from June 2013 at the end of his school year.

P1060804                                                   P1060839                                                        P1060856 

Here are some pictures from his class party.

We are looking forward to have him onboard One on One with us and we will do everything to make him enjoy it as his sister did.


Jim and Sandie said...

That is a fantastic tradition. What a marvelous way to forge a better relationship with a grandchild. By the time my grandchild (if I ever get one) is 12 or 13 - we will be too old to take them RVing. That's what happens when you are old when you have your child. lol

Peter + Beatrix said...

What a grand thing to do. Your grandkids are lucky and so are you!

John and Carol said...

We hope to have our 13-year-old granddaughter with us for a week this summer. I hope that time goes as well as your trip did.

John and Carol said...

What a great tradition. They are sure to each remember their special trip for a lifetime as opposed to a laptop with a very short life span.

Contessa said...

Your grandchildren are very fortunate to have you both. Looking forward to sharing the adventure.