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Our Rig

Monday, December 16, 2013

2014 RV summer plan

It was snowing heavily in the last 3 days,many lost electrical power and some had to spend the nights other than at home as the roads were jammed with snow and stuck  vehicles, at the beginning it was fun to see snow but later on it was cold and stormy.

I was lucky ,I was dry,warm , fed and as long as I stayed at home it was fine,so I called family and friends to see if every one was OK ,read a book ,listened to the news and still had time on my hands-so I prepared our next summer RV plan,the  13th one-unbelievable….

As some of you know we are “full time summer RVers” ,we started in summer 2002 in Alaska and since then we RV every summer for 5 months each trip to different States/Provinces,not more than 2-4 States on one trip.

These are the States /Provinces we have explored:

VisitedProvincesMap        VisitedStatesMap (1)

We hike,work in farms,raft,attend concerts-in short live the place before moving to a new location, the plan is more of guidelines –just as an example ,we planed to stay a month in Newfoundland but we liked it so much we stayed on the Island for 3 whole months….

The end of our 2013 RV trip was in October near St Louis ,so our next States to visit will be Missouri-Arkansas-Oklahoma ending the trip in Colorado Springs.

The stops you see on the map below are  central locations  where  we leave the 5W  and do side trips with the truck till we feel like moving to another central location and do the same.

I use Street & Trips soft ware it helps me locate waterfalls,State Parks,Campgrounds ,it is very helpful and worth the money.

The purpose of me posting the plan is to get suggestions from others what else to see on the route ,don’t forget that we did not visit these States yet,and the plan is based on literature and surfing the net- so please go a head and let me know what else is a must see.

 Fullscreen capture 1252013 34037 PM

Thank you, have a great winter and maybe we will see you in the next summer.


Jim and Sandie said...

I think you made perfect use of your "trapped at home" time. Haven't spent too much time in those areas so not much help. There is a casino not too far from Oklahoma City where they have hook-ups and you can stay for free with a players card. There are actually two casinos in that area and one has an actual RV park. Fire Lakes Casino I think is the one with the free camping. Might want to check that out. Lots of cowboy history in that state.

Claire Kennedy said...

Well, this is right through my neck of the woods...I was raised and still live in this area (NE OK & Central OK) and would be happy to make suggestions.

Up through NE part of state, when you say you like to stop and work, what kind are you looking for?...what would you like to do?

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Hi Claire,
Thank you for your post.
We did some volunteering ,branding cattle ,just for the adventure,it is a part of the trip and we enjoyed it very much.
I did not mean WORK for money..