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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Snow in Jerusalem

It might seem strange that I am posting this post especially for people that are used to have this white powder every winter,but for us it is a very rare sight.

Jerusalem is a hilly city so the altitude varies but it is approximately 750 Meters (2,500 feet) above sea level and if it snows in Israel Jerusalem is the first to get it.

Jerusalem on average gets heavy snowfalls every 7 years. It is one of the most beautiful sites to see. The city stretches out, covered briefly with a thin layer of white. The streets are quiet, except for the laughter of children who are experiencing snow-- many for the first time.

Snow 1922 - Copy JERUSALEM IN 1922


When it snows or even when it is on the news “that it might snow in Jerusalem” people pack their kids,picnic basket and hit the road to see the “White Magic” fall from the sky,for some it is the first time ever to see SNOW.

The problem is that having only 2 roads to reach the city it creates road jams,cars get stuck and Fun becomes agony, but I guess this is the human nature.

Here are some beautiful pictures from the last days

2013-01-09-12.23.34_WA    מזג אוויר סוער שלג ירושלים  אוליבייה פיטוסי    jslem18shelegeddon20   Snow in Jerusalem   West Wall

Lets hope that the next snow in Jerusalem will be Next year …..


Jim and Sandie said...

It is so beautiful. I wouldn't mind snow near so much if it only fell every seven years. Nah - I'd still not like it. I think growing up in Montana gave me enough snow. But your pictures are incredible. Glad you posted.

John and Carol said...

What interesting photos, especially the last one. What devotion from folks who aren't used to snow.

Peter + Beatrix said...

Indeed,incredible pictures and quite historical as well. I guess the snow is not gonna last...?

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Thank you for your comments.
It is Sunday ,the storm is over ,the skies are completely blue with not a cloud in sight BUT the snow is still there on the side walks and in the gardens.
The Hermon mountain in the North is opened for skiers.
It was a very "interesting" weekend.