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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Day hike in Northern Israel

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We planed a day hike in one of the Galil valleys in the Northern Part of Israel leading to the Kinneret Lake ,the trail was in an open area with no shade, but  weather guy reported that it would be very hot especially in the low elevations and there for we changed the plan and hiked 12 miles round trip to one of the highest peaks with a fantastic panoramic view just the North West of the lake.

The bus dropped us at the trail head at 8AM , we had our breakfast and started the hike carrying lunch and water with us because the bus will be waiting for us at the end of the trail at 5PM.


All along the hike there was a beautiful bloom of colourful flowers ,and we took the time to stop in view points to see the views.



P1110511 P1110519

One of the stops was near the rock called “Eliauhu Chair” a completely natural rock ,the legend says that a woman praying here for fertility  will get her wish ,so I told my wife not to get close and be silent…, the beyond the rock is just fantastic.


We surprised our guide celebrating his birthday during the lunch break ,wine ,home made cake was served and we all wished him to continue to explore every path in the Holy Land /with us of course.


After lunch with lighter weight in the back pack we continued along the high trail to the highest peak where we could see  all the width of the country from the Mediterranean Sea till the Golan heights (amazing how small is the country).


We took our time to just sit and enjoy this outstanding views,listening to the wind and watching the birds glade to catch the winds.

Yes, the country is “petit” only 6 hours drive from North to South and 15-20 minutes from East to West but sure is beautiful and full of history.

One of the highlights was the ruins of an ancient Synagogue , one of many found here from the ancient times.


After an explanation on the place we made our way downhill towards the end of the trail enjoying the afternoon colors ,passing meadows,villages and old Olive groves.


P1110526P1110543P1110545It sure was a wonderful day,great views,good weather,good company –what else can one ask for???

Thank you all for visiting my site and may you all travel in safe ways wherever you are .


Ruth said...

Looks like a wonderful hike with beautiful views. One day Kevin and I will make to Isreal, we think it would be an interesting country to visit.


John and Carol said...

What a beautiful hike. The flowers here in the Arizona desert look much like you saw on your hike.
I would not have prayed anywhere near that rock, either.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Dear Kevin and Ruth ,thank you for you comments.
Do come for a visit ,all you need is 10-15 days to see it all....avoid July - August and January February.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

John and Carol,
Send me your location in Mid June,we might get together.

Peter + Beatrix said...

Beautiful countryside hike.