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Our Rig

Thursday, March 5, 2015

2015 summer RV summer trip plan

2015 RV summer plan

It is hard to me to believe but we are just before our 14th RV Summer trip….wow, I remember talking about purchasing a RV way back when we both were still working and the kids were there,the plan started to be realistic only when our youngest son had completed his military duties of 3 years (it is a must in Israel) at that point I told my wife that we have a short “window” between the time our kids get away from home till we start taking care of our inner parts….

So we both resigned from our work at the age of 57-58 ,packed a suitcase and flew to Edmonton where we purchased a F-250 7.3Lt 1994 and a 27’ 5W with one big slide 1999 from an ex military, this combo held till 2005 very well through Alaska and all the West coast,at 2005 we traded to F-350 2006 HD and a 2006 Cruiser 30’ with 3 slides that are performing perfectly till this day.

We RV for 4-5 months mostly in the Nature,hiking,waterfalls,natural hot springs,history,special events and meeting people is our way to do it.

Usually we park in a central location to visit the places we planned and move only after we “discovered “ the area,we prefer “deep” visits rather than cover grounds,till now after 13 summers  we did not visit a place twice…we always want to see what is beyond the next mountain.

Besides the views,the food,and camping we are blessed to meet people from the RV community that became our friends and they enriched our lives and for this we are thankful and happy.

We have no RV’s in Israel because of the small size of the country: 6 hours drive from North to South and 15 minutes from West to East- yes this not a mistake ,that’s it….can you believe it?, once when I told a friend this fact he said “ No, I do not mean the size of your town I mean how big is your country..” , well sorry to disappoint you but Israel is the size of N.J and will “drawn” in the Michigan Lake…just Google “Compare Israel to…”

So for us RVing in North America is a huge adventure and what is a “regular” thing for you guys for us it is an outstanding thing to do.

I have to complement my best second half that went along with me on this leaving the family for 4-5 months was not exactly her plan after retirement although every grand child reaching 12 (Batmizva Girl) and 13 (Barmizva Boy) joins us for a month as our present for this important occasion, till now 2 already did a trip with us and the rest are standing impatiently in line,it is our problem to be able to do it for more many years so we can take them all one by one….

This winter we  visited Canary Island Spain for 11 days(can be seen on the blog) ,a small Island that has a lot to offer,good weather,great beaches,fantastic cheap food especially sea food(no fast food at all),very beautiful views and a week of 24 hours festivals…

If any have any suggestions along or close to our planed route or just want to leave a comment please do so.

Enjoy the winter wherever you are and  you down the road from June 2015.


Ruth said...

Sounds and looks like you have a great plan for your summer of 2015. You travel much the same way as we do, although I think you probably spend more time in places than we do.


Jim and Sandie said...

I can hardly wait for your new adventures. I personally love Nevada. Lots of open, empty space but I think it's beautiful.

John and Carol said...

We don't know when you will begin your travels this summer, but we will be in the Denver area for almost all of June, so perhaps we can finally meet.

Karen and Tony said...

It looks like you have a wonderful trip planned. I'll be following along to see all of the interesting things that you discover this year!

Mom said...

Have a safe and wonderful adventure this summer. Traveling through some of our favorite spots. Enjoy and looking forward to your blogs!

Linda Tator said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. Safe travels.

Donna W. said...

sounds like a great plan but if it werent for their winters I love colorado springs. have never been to california even though I had family there...maybe next year.
I would say enjoy yourselves, but that is a given. just happy we had the honor of meeting you and maybe our paths will cross again

Lynn and Jackie Shank said...

Danny and Shula, we're honored to be your starting point for your 2015 trip. Your trailer has no snow on it right now, and your truck starts like new! We're so anxious to see you again and spend some time visiting. We wish we could come to visit Israel and meet your wonderful family!! Lynn and Jackie Shank, rural Salida, Colorado

Fred Berrong said...

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Fred Berrong said...

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