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Our Rig

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rock Nublo-the highest point in Gran Canary

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Few days ago when we were in Tejeda we could not hike the highest peak as the whole area was covered by fog,so today we decided to go back and do it,and the weather was just perfect and clear.

To get to Rock Nublo (South of Tejeda) we had to use  local windy narrow ,2 way roads as most of the inland roads,the views along the route were stunning and we stopped to take it all in whenever we could.


The distance from our place in Las Palmas to the Rock is only 30 Miles but it took us almost 2 hours with stops in the view points and because of the 2 way road where some times we had to back up and let a bus or another vehicle pass.

Finally we arrived to Rock Nublo,it took us “only” 3 attempts to park in the parking area that is very small and there is no way to park  along the road ,so we had to pass the parking lot ,turn around on the narrow road and head back hoping some one will leave just in time for us to squeeze in.

From the parking lot it is a 1Mile hike straight up the the Rock,but it is worth the effort.


Tenerife the biggest of the Canary Islands can be seen at the background.


360 degrees views can be seen from the top,we sat on top facing a great scenery ,pulled a sandwich and a beer from our pouch and smelled a sweet aroma carried by the wind coming from the direction of 3 guys smoking weed….what a combo…


On the way back we had a great lunch ,Shula had grilled fresh fish and a cream soup,I had pork chops with salad and a beer,we also shared a local ice cream ,all for 22 Euro including tip….this is cheap from where I come from.

We took a different road to get back “home” stopping at view points and in a small coffee bar for a cappuccino and got down from the mountains before dark (that is very important).


I do not know if this was the “cherry “ on top of the cake but it sure was close.

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Donna W. said...

I so admire you two.you are in such great shape and love to live life