Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

North Gran Canary Spain

Map picture

Today was a great sunny day with 20C (68 F) and at 8AM it looked like this from our rented studio apartment.


After eating breakfast facing this view we took off to explore the North Side of the Island.

In Gran Canary we feel like at home ,everything is close by but if you really want to see the place,walk the historic towns,have a coffee and a chat in a local bar and drive these narrow roads-it takes time and time we have.


On the way to our last destination of the day we drove the small village roads through the mountains and on the way back it was on the coast  Hwy.

We even found a waterfall special dedicated to our friends Jim and Sandie,it was not a big one but still a fall,(it is the only one on this Island), we had to stop the car on a small curve on the narrow road and walk back to be able to shot this picture,they rarely have a place to park even the bus stop is in the middle of the road,but every one understands and respect the situation.


Any mountain road chosen reviled out standing views and we could not stop enjoying them as we drove making an effort to stop when ever we could and the sea can be seen from almost every high spot on the Island ,while driving the curved narrow 2 way roads it is impossible to look aside to see the scenery and I was totally depended on my co driver…

P1110074  P1110075  P1110080P1110083  P1110098

On one of our stops we visited a rum distillery, they let you have samples as much as you like before you decide what kind of flavour you purchase,well it is a good system ,people get half drunk only from “tasting” and they reach to their pockets, any how this what happened to us (17 Euro for the both),I do not believe they will make the flight….


As the streets are narrow it is always difficult to find a parking spot in the center of a village ,so this situation created a job called “I looky looky” meaning a guy directs you to a parking spot and says “ for 1-2 Euro I looky looky for your car” ,every one knows it is a joke but the guy makes a living…and it worked for us.

All the villages we visited were just great,all have a high located central piazza usually next to a church,surrounded but even smaller pedestrian roads,small bars and restaurants where you can have a full meal or just Tapas,meaning small portions of a local food ,like Homon (Ham) that is curved with sharp knife in front of you,sausages and other side dishes that go down good with a cold beer.


Most of the people on the Island do not speak English but are very friendly and willing to help with directions,one even asked us to follow him with our car to the place we looked for.

The churches on the Island are absolutely magnificent,and after seeing “few” in Greece,Germany,Italy and other places I must say that the ones on this small Island are not less impressive.

P1110066                          P1110067  P1110070P1110073                 P1110099P1110105

An artificial waterfall in this village with the ceramics and symbols of the different Islands  was something extra ordinary,the sounds of the water , the sun and the rum tasting earlier almost made us fall asleep on the benches.

P1110085    P1110088    P1110095P1110096

At the West North and at our final destination of the day we visited a beautiful port village Agaeta , it was a great place to end this fantastic day,it had a small port where a ferry takes people and cars Tenerife and back ,it has great restaurants where 2 people can eat fresh fish with sides and coffee for just 15 Euro, and because it is hard to believe,here is the proof…


P1110122 P1110123P1110124 P1110125P1110127

Do today what you want to do as this day will not come back.



R&R Chapter III said...

Very nice. Thanks for taking the time & sharing. It's almost like we are with you there. Enjoy the rest of your adventure and many more. Ciao.

Jim and Sandie said...

How did I miss this post!!! Love the waterfalls - both of them. But I also love all the beautiful buildings and those churches. You have such a fantastic eye for taking pictures. Just makes me feel like I'm there with you.