Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, February 9, 2015

Gran Canary Island S.E Section

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Some friends advised us to see 3-4 Islands during our 11 days,but we preferred a “deep”  relaxing visit with out wasting time to move from one Island to another,so we are here to really discover the Island and make the at most with the time we have.

It looks like a small Island but there is so much to see and do,so we divided the Island to sections and will use all the days to see as much as we can except the days we will be in the festival.

The weather on the Island changes very rapidly so we put in the car clothes that will take care of the changes ,hope for the best but be ready for the worst…

Today we visited the South East section starting at  the botanic gardens just south of Las Palmas,I have never seen so many cactuses not even in Arizona.


Our next stop was in Telde with its beautiful old section,old churches,narrow alleys and bridges, it was like walking back in time.


Here they serve lunch only till 4PM and Dinner from 8PM,so we made our way to Aguimes at 2PM and found a small local restaurant in the main piazza near the church ,the fish and salad were fresh and tasty ,we had only one glass of red wine so we could continue our long day walking and driving the narrow alleys.


Here also found the place where the Island’s festival started,had a “deaf” conversation with the guy that no matter what we said continued talking with us in Spanish in full speed,but we got the general idea, here we are with the Festival costumes.


At this time the clouds were “sitting” on top of the peaks and we wondered if to take the curvy narrow road to Santa Lucia De Trijana , and after 2 seconds voted for it despite the fact that one has to stop when another vehicle is approaching–and I am glad we did it as it was a spectacular drive.

P1110055          P1110056P1110062

At Santa Anna we enjoyed a strong Cappuccino in a stunning view,then walked the old part of the village before heading back home in Las Palmas.

P1110048 P1110049 P1110050P1110053

We are back home after a shower,great dinner with a glass of wine and I am already looking forward to our tomorrows trip to the North Section of the Island.

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Jim and Sandie said...

I love the picture of Shula sitting and looking out over the railing. Beautiful.