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Our Rig

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Las Palmas the Gran Canary Capital

Map picture
The Capital Las Palmas is located on the East North side of the Island just 20 minutes from the International Air Port, it has a beautiful old quarters located at the south side of the city,with walking streets,great shops,bars ,market and many resultants. 

Parking is one of the biggest problems in the city and we are lucky that it is only 15 or so minutes walk from our place,in any case there is no way one can drive in the old city and see the beauty at the same time.


Smoked, or dried Hamun (Ham) is sliced in front to your choice.


Fresh sandwiches and side dishes very nicely displayed.

Fast food is very limited here,most of the people eat the local food ,fish ,meat,potatoes and a lot of wine.

The old city is loaded with old houses,churches and it is a pleasure walking around enjoying the atmosphere .




The house are attached to each other and have no yards,but some have an inside patio that are blocked with a heavy wooden doors,some of them are very beautiful like this one.

P1110161 P1110163

Accordingly to the literature Las Palmas has one of the best beaches in the world ,here are some shots I took today for you judgement



The sand is clean and soft and sand statues are made for the pleasure of the public, it takes a lot of work to get to this stage and the out come is very beautiful.


The beach has a long fantastic promenade,with shops,hotels,bars,restaurants',car rentals  ,it attracts tourists and locals year around.


It was an easy day , almost no driving ,just a relaxing beautiful day.

Sometimes a new place not always meets our expectation but even after reading about it on the net I must say this place is a real good surprise..

Tommorow is a tour around the entire Island.


John and Carol said...

Wow, what a fascinating place. Thanks for showing us around. We will probably never see it, except through your eyes.

Karen and Tony said...

I'm really enjoying your photographic tour of the island. So beautiful and different from the US!

Danny &Shula Oren said...

John & Carol,Never say Never...thanks for your post
Karen&Tony thanks for taking the time to post on my blog