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Our Rig

Thursday, February 12, 2015

South Gran Canary Spain

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The South of the Island is the most touristic part,it is a paradise to those who want to lay in  the sun on the beach or in the swimming pool,eat well,go to tourist traps shopping or spend the day reading news papers from their home land, mostly German,English and French (Can’t they do it at home with the extra coasts?).

The small streets are full with people talking all languages except Spanish and some forget that others understand what they say, the bars ,restaurants are always full and it is very hard to find a parking spot.




Because of all these reasons we decided only to visit the South and  NOT rent a place there,we preferred renting a place in the  Capitol- Las Palmas in a walking distance from the old city and the where the festivals take place.

This of course  in all means did not stop us touring the whole Island section by section with our small rented car and today we actually completed visiting all the highlights,the rest of the days we will dedicate to the ongoing Festival near the Capital.


Saying all this of course does not mean that the South soaks(it is just too touristic and crowded for our taste)…it has great beaches,sand dunes,and few beautiful ports.


There is a heavy walking traffic on the promenade that holds some of the best “live” statues I have seen,they really work hard for pennies, but I am sure they love it.



Port Mogon in the South West was also crowded but the beauty of this small place compensated on the fact that  it was concurred by tourists that were all over the place making even hard to get a seat to have beer, I would go there when it is off season but I think that here it is always high season.


At around 6PM we finally made our way from the coast through Mogan to La Aldea De San Nicolas on the most curvy,narrow,road in the mountains,every sharp turn cars blow there horn to warn the one coming from around the curve,no one with a weak heart should take this road…from one side is the mountain and from the other a huge fall from the clift to the ocean(there is a rail),we took it easy letting cars pass when ever it was possible and happily made it from the mountain to the coast before dark.



This concludes our traveling part of the Island,in the next 3 days we will be attending some festival shows,hope to bring and share some more of this outstanding place.


Collecting memories with our love ones as we go along the path of life is what it is all about, if you want some thing and you can afford it than GO for it NOW.

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Jim and Sandie said...

Your pictures are such a delight for the eyes. You make my day with all those colors and designs.