Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Gran Canarias Spain

As a winter break we flew to Gran Canarias Island in Spain , it is one of a chain of Islands East of Spain near North Africa.

As we have already been to Tenerife (the biggest Island) we chose Gran Canary with holds February Carnivals.

Map picture

It took “only” 9 hours to get there with a stop in Madrid but for the next 11 days we will not see an airport…

We rented a studio flat next to the Capitol Las Palmas and a small car to be able to explore this small but beautiful Island.


The weather here is always between 18-24 Celsius what makes it a perfect destination in the winter for us.

Our location was just perfect for exploring Las Palmas down town,it took us 20 minutes walk to the center of the old city and made us loose some calories after lunch, the ally's and the old buildings are just magnificent.

P1100833P1100837P1100843 P1100835

The market is an indoor clean and very colourful,a lot of sea food ,meat and vegetables can be found here with decent prices.


We enjoyed walking the old quarters , they are all in a walking distance and full of old Churches,Museums and palaces .


The street festival that takes place during the whole week is one huge happy,colourful,musical celebration,people are very friendly and everyone is  having fun,we felt safe and welcomed wherever we were.


It is only our second day on the Island but we already feel like at home,it is everything we expected and even more.

Tonight we are off to the “Night Festival” starting at 9PM ending at 4AM ,so we are going to take a break….

The night festival was a final group competition that took place in a huge park next to the port of Las Palmas, it was crowded and noisy and all in Spanish but still an experience.



What a day…


Karen and Tony said...

What a pretty city! It looks like the carnival was great fun. Thanks for posting about your adventures!

איציק אופלר said...

דני ושולה,תודה שאתם משתפים אותנו בחוויות הטיול שלכם. נראה שנפלתם על מקום מאוד צבעוני ושמח. אגב ,דני, השודדת שאיתה הצטלמת נשארת?..... גם לעונת הפסטיבלים הבאה

Jim and Sandie said...

I love your picture of the buildings. So colorful and beautiful. The festival looks like such great fun.

R&R Chapter III said...

That's the way to do it. Another Ace choice. Keep on celebrating life every day. It looks fabulous. Enjoy. R&R.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Thank you all for your kind words,I will be posting more about our trip on the Island later on and if the WiFi will be "friendly"