Our Rig

Our Rig

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Gourmet Lunch with friends

During our lives we collect friends from different times,from high school,army,work and retires with common interests.

Spending 6 years in the Navy on a Sub  can do one of the two things to people that rub shoulder to shoulder for long periods in a small vessel at sea,either they can’t stand each other or they become  best buddies, a friendship that lasts a life time.

After the Navy service each one went his way,raised a family ,made a carrier and the only time we got together was at  the memorial day in the grave yard remembering our mats that did not make,but now that we retired there is a great desire to get together again and “sail” into the memory nostalgic lane.

So once a week rain or shine a group of us meet in a coffee shop and bring up the good old times.

At the beginning we started with only a few crew members that live in the same area and stayed in touch though the years.

מקימי הפרלמנט-גרי,יעקב לוי,שמעון לוי,דני אורן,ווקה,סנדו

But very fast the word got around that Veterans are having a weekly “parliament” and others from all over the country joined,sometimes people met for the first time after many years .

הפרלמט המורחב כיום

The common back ground and the long time we spent together during the service brought friendship that can rarely be found out of the military service, here one is never alone….

Not only the crew members got together but also the strong women that also shared the same “problems” while the men were at sea and this brought other  meetings with the women, like this one in our yard .

2014-05-10 06.22.44

Me and the gals….

2014-05-10 06.48.17

My good friend Sando, playing the Chef

2014-05-10 06.50.04

The Gang

During one of the “Parliament “ meeting I meet  Haim Cohen one that I did not see for more than 30 years,during the catch up talk I learned that he is a well known chef that still likes to cook , so to celebrate the reunion Haim invited my wife ,myself and another friend ( from our sub crew) with his wife for lunch.

Although I am still full from this fantastic meal my mouth gets wet as I am writing this post,Smoked fish,Lamb Chops,Makluba (Lamb stew with rice in a pumpkin was a part of this Gourmet lunch.

So let the pictures “talk” , sorry that I can not “bring” the smells….Haim & Edna

Haim the chef in his small kitchen and his wife Edna


Makluba (Lamb stew in a pumpkin,delicious)

Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops


Fillets with no fat.

Edna,Haim and Shula

The hosts,Shula & the table.

Haim,Shula,Drora,Srull and Edna

Haim,Shula,Drora,Srull and Edna

One thing is for sure we did not have food like this on the Sub…..

It was a great day,the girls met after many years and shared some memories while having this self made fantastic meal with wine,coffee and desert that followed.

Thank you Haim and Edna for you hospitality and friendship,may the cholesterol  and the blood pressure stay low so we can have more days like this.

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