Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, February 8, 2015

In Land trip–Gran Canary Spain

Map picture

After getting our bearings and attending the Festival ,we decided to take a day trip from Las Palmas to some beautiful small villages inland  , so we packed some fruits,camera,walking shoes and took of at around 9 AM.

The canter of the Island is very hilly and the sea can be seen almost from every high spot on the Island.


Our small rented WV Polo made its way through narrow roads barely making the turns ,but when another car has to squeeze in coming from the opposite direction it really becomes a challenge but that's how it works in this part of the world...

Lava soil is the the Islands soil , it is hard to work with but good for agriculture,there are craters,high mountains and very curvy narrow roads all over the minute you leave the Hwy that circles the Island, anywhere you look it is a great “wow” ,so we took it easy and enjoyed the day trip.

P1100923  P1100931P1100944P1100987

There were times on this trip that the clouds were lower than the road on the mountain and we were completely in a “fogy” mode drive and that was not fun at all,but it was only during a small part of that day fortunately for us.

At noon we came upon a village that had a local market going on ,music and dancing in the main square ,this is the advantage of traveling during the weekend, so we jumped in and enjoyed the atmosphere.

P1100951            P1100952P1100976

After all this activity we found a buffet restaurant  where you can eat and drink as much as you want for only 12 Euro and that includes wine,beer,meat,fish,side dishes,coffee ,ice cream and cakes…it was loud and crowded but made the experience even better.

P1100978 P1100980

Walking the alleys in the small beautiful villages was good effort to loose some of the calories we picked on the way, I hope it worked…

P1100933   P1100939   P1100942P1100958P1100960P1100963P1100992P1100993

It is a small Island but a lot to see ,so we are looking forward for the next days that will be a mixture of attending Festivals and taking day trips to new to us destinations.

Till we meet again….


Jim and Sandie said...

You guys really do know how to enjoy yourselves no matter where you are. I love that about you. And also a little jealous. I am just so glad you share these wonderful adventures with me.

Donna W. said...

what great pics and trip. those roads would have scared me half to death, I dont like mtn/hills anyway. looks like you had a great time. Never heard of a buffet that also included beer and wine. what a find

R&R Chapter III said...

Ravishing. You really know how to have a good time. Don't mind the calories. there is always tomorrow. Enjoy.