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Our Rig

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Great Street Carnival Las Palmas

It looks like this Island lives to enjoy life ,after all the celebrations we attended in the last week this was sure a very powerful performance by  the Islanders.

Every one ,no matter fat,skinny,beautiful,ugly ,old or young was in the streets having fun.


Allot of effort was invested in the costumes and the make up,they took it very seriously and it was easy to get connected and get moving with the beat.



The parade started at 5PM from the center of the old city all the way to the Port in the North side of Las Palmas,I do not know when it ended because at 10PM we couldn't take the noise any more and stand on the little bench we found to be able to take some pictures.


At first groups on foot walked the streets,each one with different music and moves but every one was smiling,happy and enjoying himself.


The beauty queens were on a platform pulled by a 4X4 and very brave having almost nothing to wear in this cool weather, I hope they did  not get ammonia.


Then came the big trucks carrying liquor on board ,load speakers with high volume music and groups of happy half drunk people.

Following each truck were crowds with costumes singing the songs played from the vehicles,all in good mood and in order.


It looked like the whole Island was marching the streets either as a performer ,on the side walk or on the balcony of the buildings along the route.

Some of the audience were still young to understand what is going on but they were there with the  parents and one day they will be marching.


It was a strong,colourful,happy and a laud parade,every one was willing to pose for a picture with or with out one from the crowd I have never seen such an event and sure are happy we did.


And here are some well known characters from the past.


Accordingly to the internet these celebrations will go on and off till Spring…..Wow,one thing is sure booze shops are having a ball…


Jim and Sandie said...

The costumes must have taken forever to create. I wonder why we Americans are so much more staid than other countries - well except for Mardi Gras. And a couple of other parades that I can think of. But we don't have all the colors.

Peter + Beatrix said...

Beautiful pictures.