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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Beauty contest Las Palmas Gran Canarias

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The beauty contest as a part of the on going February Carnival took place in a huge amphitheater park near the Port of Las Palmas an event that started at 9PM and ended at 1AM –and it was spectacular.

We were considered about the rain but the locals said that it rarely rains and if so only for a few minutes, in any case we had our light rain coats with us (Hope for the best but be ready for the worst),and we were glad we had them handy as it did rain lightly periodically.

We had to purchase tickets for this event (10 Euro per person)at  the kiosk near by opened that opened at 5PM ,so we parked in a garage in the area (very expensive) got the tickets and  strolled the beach area to “kill” some time till the extravaganza starts.

As we are having our Cappuccino with full wheat bagel we experienced one of the most fantastic sunsets ever,luckily I have my camera on stand by bases at all times, I would not want to miss this one.



The Piazza in front of the park was full with food boots and decorating lights and gave the right atmosphere before the show.


Before entering the arena we took a bite at the local food boot one of many located at the entrance ,their fast food diet is mostly Fish,Meat ,Sausages Potatoes and of course beer what made it difficult for us to grab some some thing on the go,but finally we found someone that talked English and he prepared some salad for us with a fish sandwich.

P1110232 It started on time with a worm up for the main event with a story of Aladdin and the 40 thieves.


The colors,customs and the music were great ,people were dancing at their sits,clapping hands and singing like there is no tommorow.

Everything worked as a Swiss clock and very smoothly

After a short break came the main event and 10 beautiful girls came one by one on the stage with these phenomenon ,gorgeous dress built on a platform with wheels letting them walk from the entrance to the stage with no help,turn around and go back all during hit songs and support from the audience, there is no way I can describe the customs but bring them pictures up.

P1110257  P1110259 P1110266

P1110268  P1110273  P1110278

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And the winner is…who cares they were all winners,beautiful and happy.


This small Island really knows how to put a show,well organized,on time and no hassle at all although there were thousands of people going in and out,even to the bathroom there was a organized line….

I believe this show could easily go to Vegas.

We hit the sack at 2AM and were happy to learn that the Great Parade will take place on the next day starting at 5PM what gives us time to sleep it over.


Donna W. said...

Dont know which is more beautiful the sunset, the girls, or the costumes. thank you for taking me places I'll never see.

John and Carol said...

Amazing! How did you ever find out about the festival and the island?

Jim and Sandie said...

Those costumes are magnificent. Good thing they have wheels because they must weigh a ton. Beautiful. But how in the world can you guys stay up so late. Even if I took a nap I'd never make it til after midnight. Sure glad you did though.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Thank you guys for your kind comments.
John&Carol-the main reason for us to fly to Grand Canaria Island is the Festival....Internet my friend Internet...