Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, May 22, 2015

What does it mean to be an International RV’r

While during the off season your RV is parked next to you,mine is stored thousand of miles away from home,I can not access the rig ,work on it or move stuff from home to the rig or visa versa.

At the end of each trip we store the Rig either on friend's property or in a storage place, we have been fulltime summers for the last 13 years and till now it worked just fine.


Waterloo IL

Salida CO

Storing the trailer means: cleaning it inside trying to get rid of all  food crumbs,removal of all containers with liquid in case the temperature drops under freezing point, winterize, removing the batteries and placing the 5W on solid ground or wood boards.

The truck is usually turned on to run every week by the host of the storage place or better by our friend that allowed us to park on his property and we were very lucky in this respect.

After all this is done we pack  and drive to the closest International Air Port to catch our flight back home for the winter, most of our stuff stays  in the trailer and we commute very light.

Among many things that we do in the winter I plan our next trip that starts of course from the place we left the rig to new to us destinations concentrating on nature,waterfalls, hikes,music and special events,I do it slowly  and enjoy every minute almost as RVing it self.

The planning involves searching on the net,usage of “street & trips” software,corresponding with State Information Centers,State & National Parks and suggestions from members on Rv open road forum,it takes a while till I get the final “Product” but it sure saves me allot of time while on the road.



As an non resident all this is of course only a part of being an owner of a rig BUT no one will make us stop doing what we like to do,yes it is more costly,more difficult BUT not imposable .

Palo Duro Canyon S.P TX

We would love to be full timers ,RV in the North when it is hot and in the South when it is cold but we take we take what we can get with pleasure hoping it will last for many more years.

We meet so many people that enriched our lives and we want to thank each and every one for sharing time with us.

Wish you all pleasant and happy trails , see you all soon down the road.


Jim and Sandie said...

So looking forward to your new adventures. Hope you find all is well and good with your home away from home when you get here.

Peter + Beatrix said...

Where there is a will there is a way. Enjoy your life style.