Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, June 1, 2015

Toronto–on the way to pick up the rig

For the last 13 years we RVed every summer from June till the end of September ,each time to different States/Provinces ,at the end of each trip we store the truck and the trailer and fly home.

Last year we stored the rig at our friends place near Salida Colorado and on 31 May this year we started our trip to collect it .

Usually the route is :Tel-Aviv-Toronto a 12 hours direct flight to visit our son and his family,then after  8-10 days we fly from Toronto to the nearest International Airport and pick a ride to the storage place.

At the end of the trip ( different locations) we fly to Toronto to stay a while with our son and family and then back home on a direct 12 hour flight.

photo (1)

This picture was taken last year when we stopped in Toronto on the way home.

Now Ellie our grand daughter just started walking her first steps and everyday she adds a new word,so we are having a ball spending time with her,I believe that all grandparents out there understand what I am talking about, so here are few pictures that put a huge smile on our faces.


P1110563  P1110580

P1110586  P1110587

In a few days we will be on our way to Colorado and will be seeing our son , his  wife and Ellie only in late October…


Karen and Tony said...

Welcome back! You're granddaughter is a cutie! She looks a lot like Shula.

Ruth said...

You have a beautiful and happy granddaughter, enjoy your time with her.

Hope all goes well for the next part of your trip and that your truck and trailer are in good shape and ready to roll.


paulakitt said...

She is gorgeous!

Jim and Sandie said...

I am so excited to see you guys back on this side of the ocean. Looking forward to your travels. Your granddaughter is beyond cute. I keep hoping that someday I'll have one of them to enjoy but the kid and his wife just aren't in any hurry. We're still in AZ waiting for Jim to have some surgery.

Contessa said...

Welcome back! Ellie has certainly changed a lot since your last visit.