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Our Rig

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Estes Park Colorado

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Estes Park is a groomed ,beautiful town at the entrance to the Rocky Mountain National Park.

It has everything one can look for ,great main drag with beautiful shops ,restaurants and bars,a river running through the town,lakes,picnic area and magnificent mountain views.



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Actually we planned to hike in the RMNP but did not realized that in the weekends the park is packed and the parking areas at the trail heads are full, so we decided to stay in town and start our hiking on Monday, that is what I like about traveling the way we do , it is all flexible…

There was a Norway  festival going on at the main square,we enjoyed watching their folk dancing and  Viking fights,I also found out that many Americans that immigrated from Norway had never visited their home land, all they said was “ my ancestors are berried in Norway but I did not have a chance to visit yet”.




We had to cool off and could not resist this Ice Cream shop,it was really a treat.


At around 3PM we started to look for a picnic table to have our lunch,it was a difficult task and maybe the great selection of food places made it so ,but we did find a great spot next to a lake and enjoyed the scenery as we ate.

The town had a series of big band music in an out side beautiful amphitheatre,it was a while since we had a chance to listen live to big bands,we absolutely love it and nothing better to grab a chair ,sit on the lawn and enjoy this music in the nature.


Around 7PM we headed “home” ,I like the peaceful time on the way back from a hike or an event,always with a good music discussing with Shula about the great day we had and how lucky we are to do what we love to do.

It was all the way East  along a river with the sun at our back,this of course is the preferred direction to go  while the sun is low and shiny…


Another great day in Colorado.


Jim and Sandie said...

You really do find fun festivals to attend everywhere. I have found that the majority of Americans do not travel out of the country all that much. We aren't brought up with that mindset which I find so interesting. Canadians travel all over the world and so do most Europeans and Asians. But not us.

Peter + Beatrix said...

Big attraction from Estes Park< The old Fall River Road. Incredible experience!!