Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Just started our 14th RV summer trip

Our first stop was and is always Toronto, to visit our youngest son family,it was a great 8 days visit,we enjoyed our grand daughter Ellie (1 year and 4 months) making her fist steps as I described in my resent posts:


But also good times come to an end and starting our “journey” towards the Rig that is stored in Salida CO,I say “journey” because first we had to fly from Toronto to Denver and then get from Denver to Salida a 5 hour drive…so we decided to break it down and visit our dear friend David in Colorado Springs before heading South to pick the rig.

But first comes first: we were on stand -by on a morning flight by UA from Toronto to Denver,luckily we got our seats and the plane made its taxi to the runway,when the Captain announced that there is a problem with the A/C and we have to get back to the gate, after an hour not able to fix the problem that  meant  flying all the way   in a lower altitude and because of that will use more gas.

The solution was to reduce weight and guess what?  we were taken of the flight with our luggage….and booked on stand-by on the afternoon flight.

I am NOT complaining ,this is the risk we take when we use our reduced flying rates as an ex airline employee, so waking up at 5AM to catch the morning flight and landing after 12 hours in Colorado Springs is part of our lives,and it is OK.

David is the owner of Mountaindale Cabins & RV Resort near Colorado Springs www.campground1.com ,we have know him since 2005 and are enjoying his friendship since then,and it all started from one phone call I made in 2005 to reserve a site for 2 weeks just before the 4th of July.

I had a list of Passport America C.G but I chose the second on the list and talked to David,somehow he recognized from where I come from just from my accent and all the rest is as you say “history”, we connected immediately being both Jewish we found allot in common.

So this great guy send his wife that works in Denver to pick us up to his resort,we meet her for the first time and immediately fell in love with her, they make a great couple.

As we still are with out our “home” David put us in one of his lovely cabins.

View from our cabinThe Cabin

It has 2 large bedrooms with Queen size beds,one bedroom for the kids with 2 beds,large living room,balcony with a barbeque grill,fully equipped kitchen attached to a dinning area and 2 bathrooms,good WiFi and a lousy AT&T reception.

The C.G got a huge uplift since 2005,it’s located out of town but close enough and has beautiful spacious RV sites with FHU and some P/T ones.


The place is full of friendly and welcoming people as this sign says.



I have gone on http://www.rvillage.com/home and found 4 members in the same C.G but still did not meet them.

If you are in Colorado Springs area and are looking for a GREAT C.G ,dog friendly-THIS is the place to come.

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Jim and Sandie said...

We stayed in that campground a couple of years ago and loved it. There were deer wandering all over the place. And the girls had a great time with all the wonderful smells and chasing squirrels.