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Our Rig

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Eldorado Canyon S.P CO

Map picture

This beautiful Canyon is located just 3 miles south of Boulder ,in the space of one mile ,the cliffs of Eldorado Canyon reveal a 1.6 billion year panorama of geologic history and it sure is a great outstanding views.

P1110788 P1110790

Rock Climbing 

P1110759 P1110763

And hiking


We started hiking  the Eldorado Canyon trail,the T/H starts near the river and it climbs sharply towards a beautiful meadow with outstanding views towards the high mountains,the first 1/2 a mile is tough and then 1 mile moderate.



This walk built our appetite and we pulled out our picnic set that is always ready in the truck ,together with our lunch box and some drinks got a great place near the river and enjoyed it while listening to the roar of the running water.


As it was just still early we decided to hike another 3 miles along a levelled trail just above the canyon and have the view of the waters and mountains,we did not feel “heavy” after the meal because it was mostly fresh vegetables with humus and fruits. 

P1110756 P1110765P1110782 P1110793

It is amazing to have such a nature phenomena so close to the city ,we enjoyed the atmosphere ,the clear air and the cool air coming from the river.

We found that Eldorado Springs ,a small community is located just out of the park with houses directly on the river,it seems special and people keep for themselves in surrounded in this natural beauty.


If the river stays low as this then they will be fine…some of the houses have beautiful gardens and some look like they do not care at all,a strange nice place…


A great park one of many beautiful nature places in Colorado,we are so waiting to explore.

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