Our Rig

Our Rig

Saturday, June 13, 2015

7 Falls Colorado Springs-CLOSED,so….

Seven Falls in Colorado Springs

We planned to hike up the 7 falls but found out only when arriving to the site that they are closed due to floods last Spring,they will be opened in a year or so.

I pulled the map out and realized that we are not far from Helena Falls  and made our way to the Trail Head.

The parking area was full because of the weekend and there was no way to park on the side but eventually some one pulled away leaving us the spot to park

Map picture


The hike is only 3/4 miles straight up the hill with comfortable steps and very moderate.

The scenery is outstanding and it is worth the effort to get to the peak.


At early afternoon after the hike to drove to Old Colorado City and strolled the beautiful ,colourful main drag,after a while we found a Mexican restaurant and made acquaintance with Dan and Dee a great couple living in the area, and although we just meet we shared a table,beers ,hugs and photos, I love these small unplanned events.


As we came back to the C.G we decided to “bring Israel” to Colorado


Peace,happiness,laughter and good health to you all.

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Jim and Sandie said...

You guys really don't know a stranger do you. That is such a wonderful trait to have. I love the fact that you have your flag with you. And you know how much I love those waterfalls.