Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Salida CO

Salida Colorado was our last stop at the end of our 2014 summer trip.

I have posted before about Lynn and Jackie our dear friends that invited us to store the rig on their property and take care of it during the winter,we had great time with them both before they kindly drove us to the Denver Airport (it is a long drive…)

photo 4

Lynn enjoying Turkish Coffee

I also wrote about helping Rick and Connie together with other to put a concrete floor for a garage on their property, which will the Church community.

Now that Salida is obviously our 2015 starting point we were able to meet again with our friends and do some catching up.

We found the truck  in good condition  as it was stored in the garage and Lynn made sure to start it from time to time ,the trailer that was stored out side was also in good condition except some damage done by mice,we followed the trail of poops and finally found 3 dead mice in a compartment under our bed,no big deal except some torn bed sheets and a a damaged pillow…

The area is just fantastic like taken from a movie set,at least it is for us,I do not know if the people that are living here can appreciate being surrounded by this beauty.


photo 1

Our hosts Lynn & Jackie helped us get things on the way ,we picked the trailer batteries from the shed where they were charged during the cold winter,other stuff that also was stored in their house made the way back to the trailer.

After putting last year the concrete floor for the garage ,Rick invited me to come over at the beginning of 2015 and service the truck at his garage and just get the parts…he said and it sure was a great surprise for us,but it only shows that things come around and by helping them we got new friends and great service.

Now the garage is almost finished and it looks just fine.


The truck service included:engine oil and filter change,fluid checks,brake check and bearing adjustments,tire air pleasure and Rick was “happy” to let me start pulling the trailer only after he made sure that the truck is ready, what a guy…

We are almost ready to hit the road just need to stock the fridge with groceries get some beer ,hook up and head North ,see you all down the road.


Jim and Sandie said...

So happy to hear your summer home is ready to hit the road. Safe travels and wonderful adventures are my wishes for you.

Peter + Beatrix said...

You are back on the great roads of North America. And this time in the Wild West, which I have loved from my early days. Enjoy the ride and the adventure!

Grey Mountain said...

Seven Falls has been closed for some time. I was there last year with four of my grandchildren, and it was closed. But there is so much to do in the Colorado Springs area...
...We will be in Canada until August 10th, then wandering back toward home.
Enjoy - I know you will!

Lonnie and Hazel

Contessa said...

You have good friends. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.