Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We found our “Balance”

Some people eat too much and some are starving themselves,some read all day and some do not read at all,some people work from sunrise till dawn and some do not work at all,and the list goes on and on.

If we could only enjoy life by doing all the things we  like with out neglecting our friends, family and  our health wouldn't it be just great?

To achieve the above takes a lot of character,open mind  mental strength and humour,not that I have a secret formula but I think that the word  BALANCE comes in mind ,meaning do everything with common sense and proportionally:eat what you like but do not over do it,work on your computer but not the whole day,have your grandkids over but do not forget that you are their Grand Parents and not the Parents…

The “Balance” changes as we go along,kids are on our focus till they leave home,our carrier and health has our attention and if we do it right then our retirement years will look good and we will be able to do what we like .

At this stage in life I believe that we found our BALANCE,all our 3 kids have their  own families,place to live,a carrier ,we did everything to show them the loop holes on the highway but let them do the driving.

We also did our share of financial help without putting in danger our plans and enough not to ask them for support later in our lives.

For the last 13 years we are living our dream,we manage to visit our son and his family in Canada twice a year ,once on the way to the rig and once on the way home ,each visit between a week and 2 weeks,we RV from June till October some times with one of the grandkids (for a month) and spend time with our 2 children and our grandchildren during all winter.

Winter is the time for our medicals,visiting friends,volunteering,taking care of our garden and the house.

Today we took a short hike with our youngest son and grand daughter and there was nothing else we would love to do more at that point- it was just pure joy.


WE FOUND OUR BALANCE ,time is short ,a day that passes never comes back,we love to get lost in the right direction and we will do it till we drop.

We wish all our friends to find THIER OWN BALANCE with common  sense and healthy humour to enjoy every minute.


Jim and Sandie said...

What a wonderful post. My balance is a little off right now because I would much rather be traveling but I'm accepting the reality of our situation and hopefully balance will return.

John and Carol said...

A great post. I'm afraid we are balancing out years of working too much with years of playing all year round. But our life is good now and it was then.

Contessa said...

What a lovely post. Great philosophy. So glad you are both living your dream.

Donna W. said...

Great blog. you two have something majority of people do not but I know it wasnt luck. It was sheer hard work , determination and 'balance'. Your grandaughter is stunning.
Safe travels and lots of laughs my friend