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Our Rig

Friday, June 26, 2015

Longmont,Loveland Colorado-meetings friends & Family

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After 13 years traveling with our 5W it is the  first time we are coming back to the same State…Colorado.

We have been here 10 years ago and made some friends and with the ones that we stayed in touch we wanted to meet again and catch up.

We chose to camp for 3 days in Longmont CO fairgrounds and visit 2 friends and one  nephew.

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In 2005 while hiking we meet Warren & Tami ,with them was an 11 year old girl,we walked the hike and talked with them enjoying their company and the the young girl’s behaviour.

At the end of the hike Warren gave me his business card and we stayed connected through e-mails and Skype,now 10 years later we meet a 21 year old lady and had a great time with Tami & Warren.


David & Cheryl Pratt

In 2005 we pooled into a C.G at the Grand Canyon ,next to us parked an A class and the owners were trying to get their gas grill going with not to much of a success, so I pulled my grill out and handed it to them before leaving the C.G for a hike.

Coming back in the evening we were invited by David & Cheryl for some drinks and stayed in touch till we met again a week ago…we all got older,wiser and slower but we stayed friends.

My nephew is doing his PHD in Bolder University and it sure was a great opportunity to visit his family that expended from 2 to 3…and now they have a 3 months old baby named Ari.

So here we had 3 days of socializing,catching up and having fun.

Today we moved to Riverview RV park near Loveland and it will be our home till 5th of July,woow it was hard to get a site in such a short notice ,but we did it.

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From here we will do side trips to Estes Park and to Rocky Mountain N.P to do some hiking .


Jim and Sandie said...

It is so fun to meet up with folks after several years and catch up on our lives. I love your new campsite. No waterfalls but you have the sound of water running nearby.

Ruth said...

Nice! It is always wonderful to meet up with old friends and also family while on the road. we have also met people along our travels that we have stayed in contact with and like you even managed to meet up with again. I bet that little girl has grown into a wonderful young lady!