Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, June 29, 2015

Rocky Mountain N.P–Day 1

Map picture

The decision to hike in the Rocky Mountain N.P during the week proved to be the right one, it still was crowded but nothing like during weekend days.

We plan to hike in the park for a few days trying to hit the great spots as much as we can especially waterfalls and great vistas.

Today we chose to hike in the Bear Lake corridor,but parking at the T.H was a challenge,finally a car pulled our and we were able to get the parking spot.


At first we took a 2 Mile round trip to the beautiful Alberta Falls ,an easy hike to and exceptional full blown falls at 160’ altitude.

P1110853P1110854Alberta Falls RMNP CO

All along the path it was possible to walk on the rocks , see the river run and the falls from different angles,it was a surprise to see the falls running in full swing as there was still snow on top of the mountains.


After a short break we took off to 3  lakes: Nymph Lake at 225’,Dream Lake at 425’ and Emerald Lake at 605’ ,so you can imagine that this 1.8 Miles one way was a climb…but surly very very rewarding.



The trail was very well maintained ,the weather was great till a point when it started to rain ,each water drop like a Ping-Pong ball,but we were ready….and nothing could spoil this beautiful hikes.


On the way we encountered some Elk and Chip Monks , all I supposed are used to people and they just posed for us as if asking “please take a picture of us”…


The hike was not to strenuous and not to long but still I was surprised to see many hikers walking with regular finger sandals  and carrying a small water bottle,I hope they made it OK.

Our picnic took place along the river and it sure was great and tasty at the end of this fantastic day.


This of course did not replace our dinner prepared by Chef Shula and Su Chef Danny (doing the dishes and getting the wine…)


Fresh Solomon,Fresh Salad,Kinoa,Sweet Potatoes and Red Wine….


Ruth said...

Gorgeous pictures. The hikes look wonderful, too bad about that bit of rain. We have never been to Rocky Mountain N.P. but after seeing your pictures I hope we can fix that! Perhaps as soon as this fall, we will have to see what route we will be taking down to Mexico this fall.


John and Carol said...

RMNP is such a wonderful place. We once lived just a few miles west of the west park entrance and hiked every trail on that side. Hope you drive over Trail Ridge Road and do some hikes on the far side of that magnificent park.