Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

John Day Fossil Beds Painted Hills N.M Oregon

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We all know that the weather is dictating our lives, think about it ,we watch the weather forecast before deciding what kind of activity will we do today, but one thing is sure -we have no control on the weather so the best is not to waist energy on the issue ,just go along and adjust yourselves to the situation.

That is exactly what we did today- the forecast predicted a sunny day followed by rainy days, although predicting the weather is the only job that one can be wrong most of the time and still keep it....

Anyhow, we jumped into the truck and headed to John Day Fossil Beds N.M Painted Hills Unit.

A 75 mile drive through great country brought us to this outstanding place, nothing prepared us to this site, see for yourself...


Every year we point out what did we see/do for the first time, well this is sure that we see hills and colors as such, it sure adds to a long list of special places we visited in the US.

While we were driving and taking the short hikes in the N.M we counted another 3-4 cars, so it was like we were all alone in this place what added to the over whole atmosphere.

Yes ,this is our final adventure this year before storing the rig for the winter it goes to sleep with the bears…


Jim and Sandie said...

Look at all those beautiful colors. I lived Artist Canyon in Death Valley because of all the colors. Safe travels.

Peter + Beatrix said...

Can't believe your trip is already over. Where did the summer go?

Contessa said...

Hard to believe that your time here is already over. Safe travels and enjoy your time back home.