Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, November 18, 2016

Pictures Disappear

I have noticed that on my last post all the pictures despaired....I am posting as I always do and have no clue how it happened and how to fix it.

BTW if you click on the icon where the picture is supposed to be it will pop up.

If it happened to any of you please let me know how to bring the pictures back again.

Blogger.com did not help at all.

Thank you

P1000625P1000639P1000645P1000653P1000948P1000949P1000951P1000962P1000800P1000804Proxy Falls McKanzi Bridge ORProxy Falls McKanzi Bridge ORP1010310P1010313P1010640P1010645P1010652P1010829P1010832


Jim and Sandie said...

All your pictures show up for me. So it's working hete. Sometimes if my connection is really slow I can't get pictures to load.

Peter + Beatrix said...