Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, December 18, 2016

That is how I got the RV life style under my skin.

I come from a very small country, 400 miles from North to South and 15 Miles from East to West ,no, no mistake that's it...the size of New Jersey.


Or if I insert Israel on the USA map  it will look like this



That is why we have no RV's , everything is one hour away, no place for C.G ,no roads that can accommodate big rigs, but we have a lot of guest houses and it is very common to rent a place with a kitchenette and spend some days with the family in the area.

As a kid I remember having a book describing Mike and Minnie traveling the USA with a trailer and somehow I liked even then the idea of pulling  the house behind ,stopping wherever I liked ,spending time in one place as long as I wish -in short doing what I like with full flexibility .

Time passed by and I forgot all about it ,being busy building a carrier and raising a family.

As an Airline employee for many years and stationed for 3-4 years in 3 different Countries ,my wife and I traveled a lot and saw RV's on the roads , it brought back memories from my childhood and to the BOOK that could not be found but the idea was there.

We looked for the book for many years but it must have been lost during the years as we moved from one location to another.

I could not remember the exact title of the book a fact that made the search on the internet difficult but finally one night changing the title name  I hit the jack pot......


It comes without saying that after retiring we a dropped everything ,bought a second hand Truck and 5W and are traveling each summer for 4-5 months since 2002, but ours looks a “little” bigger….


In the book we found few routs very familier, but there are so many more awating us to explore.


Including taking a mule ride down the Grand Canyon which we did by foot due to the mud slide at the time of our visit.


One thing is sure : If you dream you might do it ,if you do not dream for sure you won’t do it….it is so good to actually follow the long time dream of ours.

Wishing you all many happy trails, we will pick up from Central Oregon going North to discover North Oregon and Washington State, but it will only happen from the end of May, till we meet again…


Jim and Sandie said...

What a neat story. Sure glad Mickey showed you the way because I really really enjoy your travels.

Karen and Tony said...

Thanks for the cool story! And thanks for posting the pictures from the book that gave you the inspiration to RV in the US - love them!

Peter + Beatrix said...

There is the saying that if you can dream it you can do it. You dreamed with Mikey Mouse and followed in his tracks and I dreamed of Canada and finally made tracks myself.

paulakitt said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing your inspiration! Best to you both for 2017. Happy Trails...