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Our Rig

Thursday, October 26, 2017

A day in downtown Toronto

The main reason for stopping in Toronto is to visit our youngest son family , we have done it many times during the last 16 years, it is always a stop we make in the Summer flying from home to the trailer wherever it is stored and at the end of the RV trip we stop again on the way home.

Toronto is a huge city , it has it all, great Malls, high buildings, University, industrial area, Underground and beautiful living areas, but most of all we love the downtown area where old buildings are still standing surrounded by coffee shops, markets and a lot of colors.

Parking is an issue as in all big cities ,so we used the underground to get into the down town area, it saves time and money.

Before we entered the market place we decided to eat Dumplings in China town, it where many Chinese eat ,so it must be good , and it was ....


Now even though we walked in the market surrounded by smells from all the cooking we were not tempted to crab anything along the way.

It was cold with crispy clear sky but we were ready for it and dressed accordingly.

The China Town area is a great place for a walk, many bargains on clothing can be found here although the quality wise it is of course not the best.


Let's hope that Mona Lisa will continue smiling on the old wall of the building and that this area will remain unattached.


Karen and Tony said...

Thanks for the tour! We're staying east this year and I think I'll add Toronto to our plans. :-)

Ruth said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit with family and the downtown area of Toronto. We love visiting it too but would never want to live there. The Kensington Market area is great!