Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, October 20, 2017

Visiting family in Toronto on the way home

For the last 16 years we are RVing every summer for 4-5 months in North America, during this time our family grew, kids got married ,grandkids were born and some changed their location.

As for now we our youngest son lives in Toronto and therefore every summer we visit him and his family twice, once on the way before we start our RV summer trip and second on the way back at the end of the trip.

This way we keep seeing our family at home (Israel) during the winter months and our Canadian family twice a year for a period of 10-20 days at the beginning of Summer and in the Fall.

On top of that we made a rule to take every grandkid that reaches 12(Bat Mizva-Girls) and 13 (Bar Mizva- Boys ) with us for one month in the summer- this is the kind of "balance" we found to travel and spend time with the family, till now 3 grandkids have already been RVing with us and next year we are taking the 4th granddaughter as she reached 12 .

Now we are on the last stretch of our 2017 RV trip, the rig is already stored for the winter in Spokane and we are spending quality time with our son, wife and 2 fantastic grandkids, we see them in the morning before they go to the kindergarten and of course after they come back till they go to bed.


In the weekends when all 4 of them are free we explore the outdoors if the weather permit's or indoors in case it is cold.


We have built a "Sukah" in the basement and the grandkids helped decorating it during the Sukkoth holidays, it was a lot of fun for all of us having meals and telling the story of Sukoth while sitting in the Sukah.


It is sure the best way to end a RV trip, we will see them again in the next summer hoping we will still be RVing when they get to be 12/13 years old……

Tommorow our youngest grandkid will be celebrating his birthday-2 years young,Mazal Tov Noam we love you.

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