Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, June 22, 2014

2014 RV trip-begining

We flew 12 hours on a direct flight to Toronto where we spent one week with our son,his wife and their beautiful 5 months old girl.

The week past so fast it almost did not feel the time passing,during this week we helped put a small flower & vegetable garden in their yard, but mostly spend time with them including a visit to the aquarium.

Elly    photo (4)photo (5)      photo (8)    

photo (6)

It was a fantastic week , we enjoyed every minute and will be seeing them again at the end of the trip before flying back home.

We flew out from Toronto to St.Louis where we were meet by our friends Rick & Pat that made our landing a soft one,they picked us up at the airport to the C.G , the rig was already there after Rick has serviced the truck and trailer,it was a huge help and there are no words to describe our thanks to this great couple.

Camping near Waterloo IL   Camping near Waterloo IL

On the next 2 days we shopped to fill the trailer with groceries and took a day trip to St.Louis to visit the famous Arch,the botanic gardens and drove through the  “HILL” and the “LOOP”

View from the Arch                View from the ArchLunch in St.Loius MO           Botanic Garden in St Louis MO

We are leaving St.Louis but will meet Rick and Pat again as we travel through Missouri to share some more great times.

See you down the road .


Jim and Sandie said...

Welcome back to the States. Looking forward to your summer travels.

John and Carol said...

Glad to see you are back in the States and on the road. Happy and safe travels.

Karen and Tony said...

Welcome back! Have a wonderful time visiting this summer!

Joe Millis said...

מתים מקנאה
אוהבים אתכם
יוסי וזהבה