Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, June 30, 2014

Ozarks Lake S.P MO

On the 28 June we hooked up the trailer and took a 2 hour drive to Cross Creek RV Park close to Ozark Lake , this will be our home for the next 4 nights.

The C.G it self is on top of a hill surrounded by beautiful nature,it has a lake ,a swimming pool,full hookups but no sufficient WiFi although it is advertised that they do have it…

After you are settled down in the C.G  it is quite and nice but getting there is another story,the gravel long road to the C.G it steep and it is not a party driving this stretch, if I knew in advance that there is no internet and the conditions of the road I would choose a different place .

Well ,after all this whining  the LAKE is and extraordinary place , a huge body water created by a big dam made it a paradise for water sports of all kinds,great vistas ,few brides and beautiful houses with a water front.


On the following day we took off to see the dam,drive to the Four Season area (the North Part of the Lake) and hiked in the Ozarks Lake S.P (the East side of the Lake).

The S.P has a very beautiful C.G with WiFi (I wish I went there) ,it has a nice beach,hiking trails and a lot of water.

Ozarks Lake S.P MOOzarks Lake S.P MO   Ozarks Lake S.P MO Ozarks Lake S.P MOOzarks Lake S.P MO

On the way home from the S.P we stopped to see this beautiful panorama.Ozaraks Lake MO

Ozaraks Lake MO

That’s it for today…

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Donna W. said...

Mo Dept of Tourism ought to pay you for spreading the word about our beautiful Ozarks