Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, June 27, 2014

Rock Bridge Memorial S.P MO

Map picture

This S.P has a few hiking trails but we chose to hike 2 of them jus because along the hike there are interesting natural things to see.

Devils Icebox trail is just 1 Mile long but as you get closer to the cave suddenly the temrature drops and the feeling is like standing next to an open fridge.

We used a flash light to walk along the stream in the cave ,the water is not deep but sometimes you have to bend so you would not bump your head against the rocks , it sure was an adventure.

Rock Bridge Memorial S.P MOCav   P1090272Rock Bridge Memorial S.P MO

Shooting Star Trail our second hike was 3 miles long and was mainly along a high bluff with fantastic vistas over the tree line, we also made it to the creek and got our feet wet just before climbing back to the trail head. There were parts that were very slippery and it made us to slow down and take it easy.

Rock Bridge Memorial S.P MO   Rock Bridge Memorial S.P MORock Bridge Memorial S.P MO

This shot was taken with a timer just after we found this great place for a snack.

On the way home we closed the windows,opened the A/C and listened to Frank Sinatra…..

Moving tomorrow to the LAKE- the Ozark lake.


Donna W. said...

looks like you had a very nice day and a nice hike, Missouri does have some nice parks and areas for hiking.
drive safe tomorrow

Claire Kennedy said...

Wow - you found a cool spot - that's saying something!