Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, September 5, 2016

Coquille Oregon

At the last stretch of last year trip and near Dead Valley California we meet Sam and Chris that happened to be from Coquille Oregon.

As they were on a site next to us it was not to long before it was clear that we will meet again in 2016 and surly enough and after exchanging many e-mails we meet in Visalia CA ,them with their 13 years old grandson and us with our 12 years old granddaughter.

We spent a week together visiting and hiking in Kings and Sequoia N.P having to know each other and enjoying ourselves including the two youngsters .

20160719_144749With Sam,Chris and LuckZohar & Luck


The week past fast and they had to head home while we continued our trip .

Zohar flew back home in August and we made our way North towards Oregon to meet Sam and Chris again.

Mean time Rod & Ruth from Arizona joined us with their 5W as they do every summer for the last 4 years and all the four of us "landed" in Sam's & Chris back yard near Coos Bay.


It was a great reunion meeting up with them and their grandson again, they showed us the gems around the area and sometimes joined us for the day.

The coast line ,the small villages, marinas and the beaches are just beautiful in this part of the country even if the weather in late August felt like Autumn sometimes.

P1010040   P1010042 P1010050  P1010063 P1010071  P1010074P1010079  P1010080P1010036

We took some day trips along the Oregon Coast line North till Reedsport and South till Port Orford and maybe I am repeating myself but the beaches, small ports,lihthouses ,the rock formation, the birds and the vast nature is like taken from a picture.

Stop anywhere along the Coast and it will make you say Wow, it is a mixture of colorful pure nature beauty with endless sand beaches ,waves ,rocks and clean air.

P1010084 P1010097 P1010104P1010107 P1010108 P1010111P1010112 P1010114 P1010117P1010122 P1010124 P1010125P1010126

I am speachless while standing and enjoying these pictures scenes so I will let the the imiges caught by my camera to “speak”.


An hour drive from Coos Bay driving along the scenic Hwy 241 there are 2 waterfalls , at the end of August they are not in full blast but still very rewarding .

There are some works in progress and it is not possible to park at the trailhead what adds another mile each way to the hike .

The hike to both falls start from the same T.H but then the trail splits to one waterfall going left and the other right.

P1010132 P1010138

The trail is mostly shady and along the creek with running water ,the trees are covered with moth and there is green vegetation all the way what makes the hike very pleasant .



Jim and Sandie said...

I think the Oregon Coast is beautiful beyond words. I love your pictures. And that waterfall picture is kind of eerie and so cool looking.

Karen and Tony said...

Beautiful photographs! I love the birds on the driftwood.

Jack B. Nimble said...

I love the Oregon Coast. Your pictures are outstanding. Glad you're having such a great time.