Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, September 23, 2016

McKenzie Bridge area OR

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Oregon State is well known for its beautiful Coast, it is easy to travel along this coast because wherever you stop you cannot get wrong.

The endless beaches, the rock formations ,the lighthouses and the villages along the coast are just outstanding.

But the Central area of Oregon provides endless pure nature for ones that love hiking ,lovers,waterfalls,lakes,volcano and mountains .

We settled with our 5W for the next 5 days in Belknap Resort & Hot Springs in McKenzie Bridge OR.

A very beautiful Resort that includes RV C.G ,cabins to rent, and a fantastic natural hot pool where the hot water comes from an under ground hot spring.


There are many things to do in the area besides soaking in the pool but we chose to hike to waterfalls and visit the Volcanic Center at the McKenzie peak, at the end of each day we still had time to soak in the hot pool that closes at 9PM.



This is just an excample of the falls around this area,it sure is a Waterfall paradise.


At the McKenzie summit we climbed the "tower" to see the huge Lava fields and learned some history on how and when the volcano irruptions happened, the sights of the Lava beds are unusual and very impressive.




And this is the view from the top.


There is so much to see in Central Oregon,we are going to come again in the next Spring.

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