Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Florence OR

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It was one of these days that everything went wrong…

It all started when the owner of Darlings Marina RV Resort C.G in Oregon did not want to honor the Passport America discount although he is in the latest P.A book, "I told Passport America to take me off the list , so if you have a problem with it direct you complain to them" he said.

As we had a reservation and paid for one night each (we were with friends) we decided to pay the full amount and stay for one night instead of three planned.

The owner pointed us to our site and said that there is no sewer hookups and no central dump in his C.G...this was already too much for us and it showed from our body language because the next thing he said was " I always have problems with this P.A people, so I will refund you and you can go elsewhere"-and so we did ,not before he tried to give us only half of the deposit and only after we asked for the second half he eventually gave it to us.

We called a few C.G and finally were able to get 2 spots in a C.G that belongs to 1000 trails, but when we came over we could not get in because "you should make the reservation through this number " " but we just did " we said...and here again we had to move our rigs from the gate and make the call again to get the reservation.

You would think that this concludes the misfortune???NO, it only started.

After letting us in the C.G we were given a few site options (it is a huge C.G ), so we pulled the rigs all over the place and all the sites that were supposed to be free were taken.

So we came back to the gate (blocking the way in/out) and were given new options....this time we got in.

Backing into the site my friend overheated his truck ,we had to drive to town to get transmission oil while leaving the rig blocking the only road to this part of the C.G....

But from now on it was all good.....a good dinner with some wine and we forgot all the rest.

We woke up to a beautiful day ,got our hiking gear and headed to Sweet Creek near Mapleton.

P1010158 P1010164P1010166P1010180

All along the 1.5 miles (one way) there are many cascades, pools and rich vegetation, sometimes it felt like entering another planet.



On the way back to our "home" we strolled the beautiful Florence Old City with its shops,bars,resturants and marine port.


And saw some colorful people….


It is all apart of life and we take it as it comes trying to make the best of the situation.

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Jim and Sandie said...

I certainly hope you write a review on RV Parks Review. What a jerk. Glad you finally found a place to land and go exploring.