Our Rig

Our Rig

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Salem & Aurora OR

Salem the Capitol of Oregon is a relatively a small city with a beautiful downtown area, huge park along the river, very nice Capitol building ,night life and more , the city even has free parking garages in central places down town.

Farmers market twice a week , plenty of shops and restutants.


Wednesday Farmers Market.


The Statue on top of the Capito Building, we had to climb 120 narrow steps to get to the roof…


View from the top of the Capitol showing Salem University.


Another look at the city from the top


The River Park Carusel.

We were looking for health food but the GPS took us to an organic farm instead ,anyhow I was more impressed by the flowers outside the farm so I let Shula do the shopping while I hung around the flowers.


In the following day we took of towards Historic Aurora.

One of the more successful American utopian communal societies in the nineteenth century was founded on the Pudding River in Marion County in 1856. Named for a daughter of the leader of the Christian communal group, the Aurora Colony (or Aurora Mills, as it was also known) grew to a population of more than 600 individuals who followed the basic Christian beliefs of Wilhelm Keil (1812-1877). The Aurora Colony became known for its orchards, food, music, textiles, furniture, and other crafts as well as its communal lifestyle and German traditions.

We strolled through the Historic section of the town for more than 4 hours visiting antique shops and beautiful restored houses.


The antique shops are loaded with stuff and it can take days to explore even one shop, but I was able to spot a medal about Masada and on it was written in English and in Hebrew, what a surprise.


The Story of Massada

All this activity got us hungry and thirsty, the answer was a small lovely place that served light meals, cakes and ice-cream and all this in an so called "old atmosphere"



This Butterfly was just sitting and posing for us, what a catch...

We cound not end this fantastic day without a taste of wine in one of the many winerries Oregon has to ofer, but this one had one thing more – A GREAT VIEW.


A short cut took us to a ferry (2$ per vehical) and we saved like 10Miles.


It sure was a “hard working day”…but we survived it and will be looking to have some more down the road.

Till we meet again

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