Our Rig

Our Rig

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Starting our 16th Summer RV trip.

On 1st June we started our long way from home to Redmond OR where   we left the rig in October 2016.

Our first stop was to visit our son and his family in Toronto, it was a great week as always, the grandkids connected to us immidiatly after spending time with them on Skype during the winter…



Saying goodby is not easy but we will see them again in October after we store the rig before we fly home.

The flight from Toronto to Redmond OR was via Denver with a short connection and after seeing our bags arrive to the destination I can say it was a success….except the long lines in Toronto A/P even at 6:30 AM… crowded gate area with nowhere to sit and  only free drinks on a 5 hour flight with no food except a small bag of bagels, poor airlines ….once it was fun to fly, no more.

Damon our great friend came over with our truck to pick us from the Redmond airport and from there we drove to collect the 5W from Big RV Bend.

Here comes a sad story which I will write in short: we left the 5W with Big RV Bend in October 2016 with a list of repairs that they could do anytime during the winter till late May 2017.

In April 2017 just one month before we are picking the 5W I contact the service manager to make sure that all is done accordingly to the list, the answers were strange: Accordingly to my knowledge all repairs are done and you bill is higher by 30% because it took more time than the quote to do what is need to do…

After e-mails back and forth he finally it went back to the original price as quoted, mean time I sent someone to see the 5w and she found that 3 jobs were not done at all although i was billed for them.

Face to face with the service manager he admitted that he thought that all is done, but did not check it personally to make sure , so the price again went down but some repairs were non done….I am very disappointed as there was more than enough time to do it all, end of story.

Our next stop was to Ron & Libby , they invited us to stay on their property till we get settled to hit the road, they helped us find a place to service the truck and get groceries, it was a great experience meeting with them and although we never meet before we felt like at home, thank you Ron and Libby our excellent hosts.

Ron & Libby OR20170615_093751Ron & Libby Boondockers OR

Last year we stayed in Crooked River C.G just before storing the rig where we meet Renne the owner, eventually it worked out and she came to Israel with a Church group and stayed with us for a few days after the tour was completed, so now we made it back to visit her .


That’s it for today, will be moving tomorrow .


שרה יחימוביץ said...

Hi Danny and Shula, Have fun, that's the most important thing!! The repairs will wait for a little longer :-) Looking forward reading your next happy experiences. Sara & Zvika

zeev mirav said...

Have nice time

Jim and Sandie said...

Why is it so difficult to get good service. Nobody has any pride in their work anymore. But I am so excited to follow along on ypur adventures. Have fun.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts.
Wish you a great summer and happy trailes.