Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Silver Falls S.P Oregon

This State Park is a waterfall lover's dream, in a 7 mile easy hike you can see 10 waterfalls from the trail, some can be accessed from behind and all this in a clear green setting, only colored birds ,deer and other small animals are missing to make it just perfect.

The entrance is 5$ per vehicle to the park that also has picnic area, food and very good signs that make sure you know where you are at all time.

If one does not want to make the 7 miles hike but wants to see all the 10 waterfalls , it can be easily done by using a car on the main road and taking short hikes from different trail heads.


Here are some selected picture that describe much better than any words, as an old wise Chinese said" One picture is more than a 1000 words"



I am not sure that this small guy enjoyed the falls from this level...


Close to the end of the trail we meet a great couple and got some drinks just to celebrate and enjoy, who knows we might meet them again.


On the way back we stopped in Silverton , a beautiful small town with an historic district, it was after 5PM and therefore most of the shops were closed….but the murals were still there.


We also learned that “Wonder Woman” movie is played in the town theater staring Gad Gadot and Israeli successful actress, way to go Gal.


It was a perfect day , it sure will be hard to have better ones but we will try.


I even have a picture in the park without a waterfall…but still beautiful and green.


Till we meet again.

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Jim and Sandie said...

I put this in my list because we could drive to see waterfalls. Wow.