Our Rig

Our Rig

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Raymond area

On our last stop in 2016 we meet Steve at a campground in Oregon, we had a great chat and exchanged e-mails, before each one headed on his own way Steve told me about his tree farm in Washington and invited me to come for a visit.

It seemed to be a very interesting stop as we never had a chance to visit a tree farm and learn about timber and harvesting trees and as a old Chinese guy says "the cards fall correctly into the deck".....we were on the way to Steve.


Steve and Becky showed us around the huge farm and explained us all about cutting trees down, collecting and transferring them to the mill, we learned so much interesting new things for us .

These meetings enrich our lives and we are so grateful to be meeting people like Steve and Becky.

Part of the grounds include a family gathering place they call "in the woods C.G" with toilets and showers ,it sure is a great place all together.




On the following day we took a day trip to the Coast.

Hwy 105 took us a small fascinating town by the name of Tokeland that held a wood fair to our delite.


Driving around in this small town close to the Ocean we meet people working on their house and some rentals, we got into a short conversation and departed shortly making new friends.


This is a place where the silence is very load..

Our next stop was to Westport on the South Bay, it has a big fishing port , many shops and restaurants mostly sea food.

We strolled along the long promenade had some ice-cream and purchased fresh Tuna straight from the fisherman that cut it for us on the boat and believe it or not the price was close to the price of apricots....


The weather was great and although it was Saturday there were no lines anywhere and it was easy to park, it sure is a great place to visit with or without kids and by the way fresh Tuna tastes fantastic.


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