Our Rig

Our Rig

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Silver Lake WA-Mount Helen

Our Washington State adventures started after fantastic few days in Astoria OR with Steve and Karen, that did everything to make us feel at home.

We are going to spend the rest of this trip in Washington State ending the trip near Spokane in October, so it will be in a slow pace ,hiking and visiting all the main points I marked on the State map.

Silver Lake C.G was our first stop, it is close to Mnt Helen and although did not have the view of the mountain from the c.g it had a great view of the lake with no one blocking it from our trailer.



When moving the trailer to a "new" location we try to get there in the early afternoon , that leaves us time to get familiar with the place on the same day and get ready for the adventure on the following one, so we took a short drive around parts of the lake, enjoying the peacfull after noon.



On the next day with a picnic bag and full hiking gear we headed to Mount Helen, the weather was just perfect and we were excited to get started.

Planning the summer trip during the winter saves time as not always we have WiFi.

We entered the through the West entrance and headed first to Coldwater lake having the whole lake for ourselves.



The next stop was Johnson Ridge Observatory ,elevation 4200'.

and out of many hiking trails we chose to hike the Boundary Trail towards Spirit Lake , an easy hike of 6 miles round trip.


Using my camera lances I managed to capture this waterfall falling from the "mouth" of the mountain where the blast accrued in 1980.


On the picture below the waterfall can be seen at the bottom.


This was our turn around point after the Spirit Lake came to our sight.


One can “wonder” around for months and not see it all…

In a few days we will try to enter the park from the North side if the roads that are now loaded with snow will be open.

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paulakitt said...

Photos are great. I especially like the photo of the mountain with the field of wild flowers. cheers, - Paula