Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, September 18, 2015

End of our 14th RV trip

We have dreamt many years before actually purchasing our first Rig in 2002, it was like a dream come true when we finally did it,if one does not dream it will not happen,if he dreams it might happen-in our case it HAPPENED.

Since 2002 we are RVing every summer for 4-5 months ,at the end of each trip we store the rig and fly home for the winter just to pick it from there in the next summer to explore new to us destinations.

Till now we always explored new places without repeating the same route,we enjoy nature,hiking,natural hot pools,history,water falls and meeting people.

We just completed our 14th RV trip that started in Salida CO (that is where the rig spent its winter) ,made our way to North Colorado-Utah-Nevada ending the trip in Palmdale CA.

Colorado Springs-LA 2015 - Microsoft Streets & Trips 18092015 64250 PM

All the adventures can be seen in my recent post ,just scroll down whenever you like to read and see the pictures.

One of our concerns is where to leave the rig at the end of each trip,it can be in a C.G that has storage,in a RV/Boat storage or on friends property and here I have to go back to  winter 2014 when I planed the trip .

We had to store the rig next to L.A and use the towns International airports to fly out/in,so I was looking for a storage place on the net and found out that California is way to expensive in many ways including RV storage (6-7 months…) so I posted on the RV forum a question and was happily surprised to receive an invitation from Fred to store the rig  next to his on his property.

It was a perfect solution and I have no words to thank Fred and Carol for their kind invitation.

Later in the evening they enjoyed tasting some of the Israeli food Shula has prepared that included Humus,Tahini,Falafel and Salad.

Palmdale with Fred & Carol

Fred & Carol left for 4 days camping with friends and we took of to L.A with the truck to visit family and friends.

Our first visit was with Shula’s cousin Rony and his wife ,we had a lot catching up to do and while they went to work we drove to San Gabriel Mountains and explored the area that was still misty from the fire and it was difficult to see L.A from the high mountains.

San Gabriel Mnts CASan Gabriel Mnts CA     San Gabriel Mnts CA

In the evening we had a great time eating at a Japanese restaurant in Venice Beach.

L.A with Rony & SaryWhat a difficult life…..  may it last for many more years .


Karen and Tony said...

I've enjoyed following along this year! We're considering where we want to spend next summer and you've made me curious about Nevada. We've never ventured into the mountains of Nevada in the dead of summer. How hot did it get? Were you able to camp comfortably without air conditioning?

Have a good trip home!

Jim and Sandie said...

I haven't been able to comment as often as I wanted to but I have so enjoyed your journey with you. Especially all of those great Nevada places. They are definitely book marked for future reference. So glad you found a place to leave the rig. Have a safe trip home.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Hi Jim & Sandie,
Thank you so much for your kind responces,be well ,wish you and Jim a great winter a lot of happiness and good health.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Hi Karen & Tony
Thank you for your interest in my blog and posts.
Nevada is great ,you do need A/C here and there but we found S.California hoter than Nevada,check the temrature online as you get closer and read my posts on Nevada,if you do jave any specific questions contact me directly rvsummerdude@gmail.com
Best of all

R&R Chapter III said...

Well another good year is almost over. It was a great one. With all the meticulous planning you make, there is no other way. Only good, fun and interesting adventures. Thanks for letting us tag along. Wish you many more years of good heath and RVing. Enjoy LA. See you in the future. We have a few more trips planned for this year. May the Force be with all of us. Thanks Gmare HatimaTova Tova. Ruth & Rod.

paulakitt said...

So glad you had a memorable, enjoyable, and safe RVing experience again this year. You are an inspiring couple. Cheers and safe travels back to Israel.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Hi Paula
Thank you for your interest in our blog, you are always welcome to join us as you did last time.
Have a great winter.