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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mammoth Lakes CA–Hikes

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Mammoth Lakes California is a very beautiful town along Why 395 East of the Sierra Nevada, it is divided into 3 sections:the town,lakes area and the wilderness East of town.

There is a shuttle bus that takes you to the hiking area in the wilderness, but if you come before 7AM it is possible to enter the area with your own vehicle,which of course saves time and there is no need to wait for the shuttle that comes every half an hour.

So 5AM was our wakeup call (unusual) to be able to be at the gate before 7AM and beat the crowd that comes with the shuttle.

It was perfect timing , we were all alone watching the sun rise at the Devils Pastille which is an interesting creation made by Lava &


Rainbow Falls CA hike -Map

Devils Poastpille Devils Poastpille

Devils Poastpille 

It reminded me the Devils Tower in North Wyoming .

Then we took a 1.5 mile hike one way towards the rainbow falls (the only water fall in the area due to the draught),it is a very steep trail to the bottom but worth every step.

Rainbow Falls CA hikeRainbow Falls CA hikeRainbow Falls CA hike

Rainbow Falls CA hike

Through the whole hike we could see the trees and the wilderness around us, it was so quite and peaceful and all looked as a movie set.

Rainbow Falls CA hikeRainbow Falls CA hikeRainbow Falls CA hikeRainbow Falls CA hike 

We managed to get down just before we were hit with a wave of visitors but could not avoid this beautiful women group from S.Korea

Rainbow Falls CA hike

It was only around 9AM and we already did so much so we headed towards the Lake area, a paradise  of water bodies all around the town,small motes,room to rent, camp grounds,bridges,hikes and great views, one can spend month here.

Mamooth Lakes CAMamooth Lakes CAMamooth Lakes CAMamooth Lakes CAMamooth Lakes CAMamooth Lakes CAMamooth Lakes CA-Amirald LakeMamooth Lakes CA-Amirald Lake

Mamooth Lakes CA

It sure will be full during the Labour Day, se we are out of here to hike in Yosemite and other remote great places.

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Peter + Beatrix said...

What an interesting area to visit. It's amazing to see what nature can provide.